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Ad firm sued for overdue invoices

factoryLabs bills

Former advertising darling Factory Design Labs has been sued for stiffing media outlets on a $50,000 bill. Last week, New York-based National Cable Communications (NCC), which purchases ad space on pay TV and other media on behalf of advertisers, joined several magazines that claim the Cherry Creek-based firm failed to pay its bills. NCC sued… Read more »

Dish jabs back at Tribune over snarky ads

dish tribune

After the two companies failed to renew a contract on June 12, Tribune launched snarky websites like that call Dish “dishturbing”. Dish has responded with a lawsuit alleging “false and deceptive” advertising claims.

Broncos look to boot Sports Authority from sponsorship slot


In a court filing on Friday, lawyers for the Broncos seek court permission to tear up their sponsorship agreement with the troubled retailer, saying Sports Authority already has stiffed them for $2.1 million since February.

Bag startup stars in Holiday Inn ads


Without spending a cent, a Denver company that makes messenger bags from military surplus has bagged a national advertising campaign on primetime TV.

HomeAdvisor accuses rival of bogus ‘guarantee’


In a lawsuit filed last week, HomeAdvisor says competitor Angie’s List promises customers across-the-board refunds that apply “only to a small fraction of the Angie’s List membership”.