George Demopoulos

George Demopoulos is a BusinessDen reporter who covers entrepreneurship and fitness/outdoor recreation. He is a graduate of the University of Denver. Email him at

Mountain bike park rides into Ruby Hill

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is building a 7.5-acre mountain bike park, a sort of ski hill for bikers, at Ruby Hill Park.

Owner’s ambition adds up to moving Mathnasium center

Douthit, 49, who owns the Denver franchise rights for Mathnasium, an after-school tutoring center, is relocating one of them from Greenwood Village to a spot adjacent to Cherry Hills Village this month, hoping to add more clients.

Coming unleashed on Santa Fe: rooftop dog bar

Two entrepreneurs in the Santa Fe Arts District think there’s still meat on the bone of a business model that fizzled in Denver last year: the combination of dog park and bar.

European extreme sports event to land in Denver

The International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) World Series, a contest similar to the Summer X Games, wants to bring BMX bike and skateboarding competitions to Denver over Labor Day Weekend.