George Demopoulos

George Demopoulos is a BusinessDen reporter who covers entrepreneurship and fitness/outdoor recreation. He is a graduate of the University of Denver. Email him at [email protected].

Mountain bike park rides into Ruby Hill

Ruby Hill Bike Park Map

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is building a 7.5-acre mountain bike park, a sort of ski hill for bikers, at Ruby Hill Park.

Owner’s ambition adds up to moving Mathnasium center

Mathnasium TeenGirl2

Douthit, 49, who owns the Denver franchise rights for Mathnasium, an after-school tutoring center, is relocating one of them from Greenwood Village to a spot adjacent to Cherry Hills Village this month, hoping to add more clients.

Coming unleashed on Santa Fe: rooftop dog bar


Two entrepreneurs in the Santa Fe Arts District think there’s still meat on the bone of a business model that fizzled in Denver last year: the combination of dog park and bar.

European extreme sports event to land in Denver

Fise Featured

The International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) World Series, a contest similar to the Summer X Games, wants to bring BMX bike and skateboarding competitions to Denver over Labor Day Weekend.