Coffee passport grants two-for-one deals

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Submitted photo.

The company that brought Denver two-for-one drink booklets is percolating a new program for another sort of beverage.

Two Parts, the company behind the popular Denver Passport bar coupon book, launched its second program, dubbed the Fika Passport, on Friday. The book features two-for-one coupons for use at some of Denver’s premier coffee shops.

Program manager Amy Osgood said the Fika Passport came about thanks to the success of the Denver Passport.

“The Fika Passport was something that spawned off of our main concept of the Denver Passport program, which features two-for-one-drink specials,” Osgood said.

The Passport, which launched on April 1 and takes its name from a Swedish afternoon coffee tradition, costs $20 and features two-for-one coffee deals at 24 coffee shops in Denver, including RiNo’s Novo Coffee, Tennyson Street’s Allegro Coffee Roasters and Platt Park’s Corvus Coffee Roasters.

Two Parts printed 2,000 of the coupon books and won’t sell more than that, Osgood said. It’s available for purchase on the company’s website, as well as at Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada and Stowaway in RiNo.

“Because (the coupons are) two for one, the idea is that you’re reaching out to someone and having them go with you,” she said. “That way, you’re not just sitting around glued to your phone while you drink coffee.”

The goal is to make the program an annual event and to expand it into other markets, Osgood said. Because Two Parts is based in Denver, the company decided to take the program for a test run in its own backyard.

Josh Taves, head of quality control and business development at Novo, said he was intrigued when Two Parts approached him to sign on to the Fika Passport.

“In Denver, we’ve always taken the standpoint that a rising tide raises all ships,” Taves said. “So if we can get more people drinking good coffee, that’s good business, not just for Novo but for everyone.”

Two Parts launched its Summer Passport program, which includes two-for-one coupons at 62 bars in Denver, in 2013. The Summer Passport sold all 5,000 copies in two days.

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