Lawn care startup scores deal with Amazon

A software startup that syncs a smartphone app to lawn sprinklers recently closed a round of capital fundraising and also landed an integration and funding agreement with Amazon.

Coffee, whiskey, clothes and co-working

The owners of a clothing brand have set up shop on Colfax and have thrown in a cafe, bar and co-working space, as well – and they’ve nearly capped their membership.

Co-working craze hits Sunnyside

The North Denver neighborhood is getting its own shared office startup, which plans to open its desks and endless coffee to independent workers and small businesses next month.

Sunnyside restaurant plans scrapped

A would-be restaurant owner has tossed out plans for a Sunnyside tavern in the face of hefty construction costs.

Startup tries adult onesies on for size

Carrying a childhood closet throwback into the grown-up world, two Crocs employees are launching a new clothing company focused on one thing: the onesie.

Custom bike startup gaining traction

A maker of customized bikes raised nearly $90,000 on Kickstarter last year. And now the company is hoping to roll out more designs and is hoping for a $500,000 capital raise.

Golf gadget startup hitting the green

A Denver native and lifelong golfer has launched a startup selling pocket-sized products to help with putting, and the business is spreading to golf courses across the country.

Software firm powering up $4.5M raise

A 4-year-old local software company that works with retailers has already raised about 70 percent of its $4.5 million fundraising goal.