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Contract brewer taps $2M expansion

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co., which brews beer for other craft brewers, is investing $2 million in a new bottling line, centrifuge and three new fermenting tanks to raise production.

Ratio Beerworks doubles down with new tanks


Just over a year since it opened shop at 29th and Larimer streets, the brewery nearing capacity and plans to stock up on equipment that will more than double its beer-making abilities this summer.

Brewery sprouts on West Colfax


Sixteen months after planting itself in a renovated garage building, a new brewery has sprouted on West Colfax Avenue.

Distillery owner has the spirit for his new business


Building a still sure does slow down time. But that hasn’t stopped Paul Page, whose Mad Rabbit Distillery opens this spring, from spending two years learning the distillery trade, and outfitting his new still and tasting room in Westminster.