Software startup for cannabis clients raises $8M

A company that helps marijuana shops and growers track, manage and supervise their inventory has finished up its first capital raise, drawing in $8 million from about a dozen investors.

Portable solar startup raises $5.4M

A company that has developed a small solar charger for smartphones and other devices has closed out another capital raise and is planning to expand its Westminster solar facility.

Backpack brand scores Kickstarter hat trick

A backpack startup has now raised a total of $58,000 over three crowdfunding campaigns, using online fundraising platforms not just to get off the ground, but to fuel each big step in the business.

Longboard startup to hit CNBC

A longboard startup that didn’t reach its recent crowdfunding goal is hoping to get some help from big-time investors and will appear on CNBC’s “The Profit” this week.

Health tracking startup raises $83M

In two separate capital raises, a Denver firm that helps users make and stick to health plans raked in $83 million, some of which it used to acquire a Massachusetts-based company.

Cycling shop startup rolling into Arvada

Two bike industry friends are hoping to fill a hole in the Arvada market left by another shop’s closure and will also provide some services on wheels of their own.