Stephanie Mason

$5.5M clubhouse renovation at The Ranch wraps up


Mark Condon, the club’s general manager, said that the club attracted 20 new members in June. Condon said that the club typically grows by three to four members a month.

Second CycleBar studio rolls into region

Cycle Bar Lori Johnson

The franchise locations get the support of CycleBar, including a business plan and an eight-week construction buildout for the studios.

Local entrepreneur creates ‘valet’ storage service

SquirrelBox - Cameron and Lindsey Smith

Cameron Smith is betting that all those Denver transplants moving into smaller and smaller dwellings will need a separate place to squirrel away those skis and mountain bikes. And snow tires.

Haselden Construction adds a mountain home


After 40 years of commuting to the mountains for construction projects, the Centennial-based general contractor finally decided to open a mountain outpost.