The Term Sheet: Startup funding roundup for March 2019

NextHealth provides services to health insurers, reminding its clients to take medications and seek cost-effective treatment.

Startups in Colorado raised $279 million in March, according to a review of Form Ds filed with the SEC.

The majority of funds came from startups in Denver, which raised $266 million, while Boulder startups raised $1.3 million and startups in the rest of the state raised $12 million.

BusinessDen defines a startup as a company that is 10 years old or less and excludes funds, publicly traded companies and real estate ventures.

PuppTech makes a temperature-monitoring sensor for dog owners. (PuppTech)

When nonstartups are counted, Colorado companies raised $1.2 billion in March.

Here is a roundup of some of the startups that raised money last month:

  • – Denver-based NextHealth Technologies raised $16.8 million.
  • Shotzr, a Denver-based stock photo app, raised $3 million.
  • Good Buy Gear, a secondhand baby and toddler gear reseller, raised $2 million.
  • – Denver-based RavenWindow, which makes windows that adjust tint based on the amount of sunlight coming in, raised $400,000.
  • PuppTech, a Denver-based pet-monitoring startup, raised $200,000.

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