New restaurant taking over shuttered Wash Park corner

telegraph storefront

Bon Ami will take over the former Telegraph Neighborhood Bistro and Bar space. (Kailyn Lamb)

Another restaurant is willing to give the old college try to a location that’s vexed two previous tenants.

A sign on the building at 295 S. Pennsylvania St. says that Bon Ami Bistro and Creperie is coming soon. “Bon ami” means “good friend” in French.

The building was formerly home to Telegraph Neighborhood Bistro and Bar, which closed in November. The owners of Telegraph said it closed due to increasing competition in the industry, claiming the Denver restaurant bubble was popping.

The 2,100-square-foot space has been home to a number of restaurants. Telegraph took over in 2015 after Grey Cactus Cocina and Bar closed after reportedly not paying taxes or rent. According to the Denver Post, Grey Cactus was one of four restaurants to hold the space since 2010.

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Bryan A

Please refer to Wash Park by it’s real name: Washington Park. Please pass this on to ALL journalists. This is an insult to Natives and to our Founding Father President George Washington.