Zeppelin planning to build 220 more apartments on Taxi campus

Every unit in Zeppelin Development’s Kabin apartment complex features a glass garage door that can be opened. (Thomas Gounley photo)

The Taxi campus is getting Kabin fever.

No, that’s not a pandemic reference, although most people would likely say Zoom meetings are getting old. Rather, Zeppelin Development is planning a second phase of its Kabin apartment project within the company’s RiNo campus.

The first phase of Kabin was a single four-story, 194-unit building at 2095 31st St. It broke ground in the spring of 2019 and was completed last fall.

Now, company President Kyle Zeppelin is looking to build two additional four-story buildings, one on either side of the existing one. Between them, they would add about 220 more units.

Kyle Zeppelin

As with the original building, the vast majority of the units will be small one-bedroom units, sized about 420 square feet. Zeppelin called them “a toned up hotel suite, really.”

The aim is to keep the rent relatively affordable, about $1,300 a month currently. The units feature a polished concrete floor and taller than usual ceiling point, and a signature feature more commonly utilized by restaurants.

“The glass garage doors in every unit has been a major hit,” Zeppelin said.

About 10 percent of the new units will have multiple bedrooms.

“We are adding some diversity with some loft units that are two stories,” Zeppelin said.

When the first Kabin broke ground, Zeppelin said he hoped that local employers, in an effort to attract and retain employees, would lease blocks of units and then turn around and rent them to their workers for a discount.

Speaking this week, Zeppelin said his company has gotten enough interest from individuals that it hasn’t focused on that model. About 150 units have been leased, and interest has continued with the start of the new year. Most inquiring parties are young professionals, as expected.

The company submitted a concept plan to the city for the second phase earlier this month. Zeppelin said he hopes to break ground in the spring of 2022. Construction would take about a year.

It’s not the only change in store for the approximately 28-acre Taxi campus, which features a mix of office, residential and retail uses on what used to be, in part, the depot for Yellow Cab.

Kyle’s father, firm founder Mickey Zeppelin, kicked off the Taxi redevelopment, the first part of which opened in 2001. It’s located across the Platte River from the Brighton Boulevard corridor.

“I think Kabin Two will be the 13th phase of development, or maybe 12th,” Kyle Zeppelin said.

Up to this point, Taxi has had enough space to rely on surface parking. But Zeppelin is now looking to build the campus’ first parking garage, which would go between the Kabin buildings and Taxi’s main core of office space.

Work would likely get underway before the second phase of Kabin, and overlap somewhat, Zeppelin said.

Additionally, Zeppelin is also working to fashion a new fitness center-type amenity for the campus from a building recently vacated by a biotech firm that used it as office space.

It will feature an Olympic-sized swimming pool that can be both indoors and outdoors, thanks to a greenhouse-like covering. While Freight Residences, another apartment complex within the Taxi campus, has a pool made from a shipping container, it’s fully outdoors.

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