Rockies want to repurpose lot across from Coors Field for public gatherings

  • A rendering of the overall layout of the lot.

With McGregor Square nearing completion, the Colorado Rockies are eyeing another parking lot across from Coors Field.

This time, it’s the corner of 21st and Blake streets.

Unlike the former West Lot site — where a hotel, office building and condo complex have been under construction since late 2018 — the Rockies aren’t trying to go vertical on the latest site.

Instead, in a rendering-laden document submitted to the city last week, the team envisions the corner of 21st and Blake being turned into an outdoor gathering space, albeit one that can still be used as a parking lot during special events thanks to its relative lack of permanent fixtures. The goal is to “balance parking and public space uses,” according to the document.

The renderings, drawn up by Stantec, show the surface painted the team’s colors, with a wiffle ball court in one corner and a design heavy on irregularly sized purple and white circles. A handful of trees are planted within the lot’s interior. The area is referred to in the document as both “East Plaza” and “Ball Park.”

The Rockies did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

The images submitted to the city are split into three categories: “every day,” “game day” and “event day.”

“Every day” images show the lot being used as something of a playground, with the wiffle ball court and a ball vending machine. “Game day” images show it serving as a parking lot. And “event day” images show people seated under a tent erected on the lot, and food trucks parked for a festival.

The lot, which city maps show as 2032 Blake St., is owned by the Denver Metropolitan Major League Baseball Stadium District, the same entity that owns Coors Field and the site where McGregor Square is being constructed. The Rockies lease the properties.

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