Supersonic jet startup raises $3M

Boom recently raised $3 million from six investors. (Courtesy Boom)

Boom Supersonic, a startup looking to build commercial supersonic jets, raised $3 million in April, according to a Form D filed with the SEC.

Six investors contributed to the fundraising round, according to the filing. The Englewood-based aerospace company told BusinessDen in a statement that the contributors were adding to their prior investment before Boom’s next formal fundraising round, which is expected to begin in the next 12 months.

Boom’s goal is to build commercial planes that break the speed of sound, flying at Mach 2.2. Flights from Shanghai to San Francisco, for example, would take six hours instead of the 11 they take now. The company moved into its headquarters near Centennial Airport in December 2018.

Last year, the startup raised $100 million from 53 investors.

Boom has been working on its first supersonic jet, the two-seater XB-1, since last spring, and it’s slated to debut later this year.

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