Bird and Lime scooters return to Denver streets

man on scooter

A local rides a Lime scooter on the sidewalk near Capitol Hill. (BizDen file photo)

After a one-month hiatus, Bird and Lime electronic scooters are back in Denver.

Lime, which had removed all scooters in the Mile High City by the end of March, began returning them last Friday. Bird scooters also made a reappearance last week after the company announced on Friday that Denver was one of 10 markets where it planned to begin measured rollouts.

“Amid the ongoing recovery from a global coronavirus pandemic that has rocked our understanding of everyday normalcy, one thing has become clear: a return to urban life choked by vehicle exhaust is becoming as unlikely as it is undesirable,” Bird said in a press release. “A growing list of cities, states and countries are looking to micromobility alternatives such as scooters and bikes not only as a means of minimizing congestion but also as a way to maintain current social distancing norms.”

Of the five companies permitted to operate within the city, Bird and Lime were the only ones to remove their scooters from the city’s streets entirely as the coronavirus pandemic gathered strength. Lyft, Spin and Razor scooters remained available.

In returning to the market, both Bird and Lime said they are offering free rides to medical workers and emergency personnel. Lyft already has been doing something similar locally.

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Dan Brewer
Dan Brewer
1 month ago


George Foster
George Foster
1 month ago

That sucks.