Mobile checkup startup DispatchHealth raises $33M

DispatchHealth health care professionals travel to patients’ homes for non-emergency care. (Photos courtesy DispatchHealth)

Denver-based DispatchHealth has stashed away another funding round in its doctor’s bag.

The mobile checkup startup, whose nurses and EMTs bring medicine and care to patients at their homes, said this week that it has closed on $33 million in Series B funding and wants to move its headquarters to a bigger office space in Denver.

CEO Mark Prather said the round will help the startup grow. DispatchHealth operates in 11 cities and Prather said the company expects to add 13 more this year.

Mark Prather

Mark Prather

“We’ve grown west and so we’re now in the Northwest, and we’d like to continue there to California,” he said, adding the startup is looking at states in the Midwest and Southeast as well.

“There’s a pretty complex approach to selecting a market,” Prather said. “We’re seeing which pieces fall into place.”

The company, currently in four separate offices in RiNo’s Taxi development, is looking to move its headquarters at the beginning of 2020. DispatchHealth employs 350 people, about half of whom are Denver-based, Prather said.

“We are bursting at the seams. We have kicked off a headquarters search,” he said. “We like Taxi quite a bit. It’s more just consolidating offices … It’d be nice to put everybody in a single office.”

One of the seven Dispatch Health cars in Denver, which serve patients who don’t need a full-service ambulance.

The startup, founded in 2013, has a fleet of more than 30 vehicles that nurses and EMTS use to travel to patients. Prather said DispatchHealth is on track to see approximately 100,000 patients this year. He wants to improve the startup’s technology to assist elderly patients who might be home-bound and need longer care.

“We have built a pretty sophisticated logistics and communications platform that we ultimately see as valuable to a total ecosystem of caregivers in the home,” Prather said.

Investors in DispatchHealth’s most recent round included Echo Health Ventures, Alta Partners, Questa Capital and more. DispatchHealth previously raised $31 million, in 2017.

“We’ve had some success over the last couple years,” Prather said. “It was nice to show them the progress and for them to say, “Oh, you’ve actually done what you said you were going to do.’ … That’s always nice when you’re courted by a lot of people.”

Prather said he expects to open smaller clinical offices in northern Colorado or the Western Slope this year. In Colorado, the startup currently is active in Denver, Boulder, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.

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