St. Louis women’s-only coworking finds a home in Denver

Founder Stacy Taubman (left) is looking to open its second location in Denver at 730 Colorado Blvd. early next year. (Courtesy of Rise Collaborative)

Former math teacher Stacy Taubman wants to expand her women’s-only coworking space in St. Louis all over the country.

First stop: the Denver area.

The founder of Rise Collaborative has signed a lease for 10,700 square feet at 730 Colorado Blvd. in Denver.

“I love the parking aspect,” Taubman said. “I love that it’s close to Cherry Creek, but we’re not in Cherry Creek.”

The new space is nearly twice as big as Rise Collaborative’s 6,000-square-foot space in St. Louis, which opened in 2017.

“We had such high demand in St. Louis for private offices, so we wanted to be able to have more,” Taubman said. “This space that we got is awesome for events.”

Rise Collaborative in Denver will have 14 private offices, with monthly rentals ranging from $900 to $2,650. (Courtesy of Rise Collaborative)

Rise Collaborative in Denver will have 14 private offices, with monthly rentals ranging from $900 to $2,650. In addition, the space will have 10 dedicated desks, three conference rooms, a classroom, social media room and two private phone booths. The space also can hold events for more than 200 people.

Keating Architecture and MPB Contractors are building out the space. Taubman said preleasing starts next month, and she plans to open in January 2019.

“We’ve already sold one of the private offices and several drop-in memberships,” she said.

Taubman left behind a career in education to start Rise Collaborative.

“Our focus is to scale and grow,” she said. “We want to do that as fast as humanly possible.”

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1 year ago

I wonder about the obvious issue of the legality of making something woman only, an issue which is not covered in this article or RISE’s website. Would the same legality apply to male-only co-working spaces, or white-only spaces?