Micro units planned for micro lot in heart of LoHi

The home at 3022 Zuni St. will be demolished and replaced with a three-story apartment building. (Thomas Gounley)

Small lot, small apartments.

Developer Michael Mathieson, principal with Forbes Partnership, is demolishing the house at 3022 Zuni St. this week, the first step toward a three-story structure with 20 micro units.

The 0.12-acre lot in Lower Highlands spans 35 feet between three-story and four-story structures.

The units are slated to be either 315 or 380 square feet, and are expected to rent for $1,300 to $1,450 per month. Plans also call for 325 square feet of office space on the ground floor.

Mathieson knows the street. He built the seven townhomes to the north of the lot, finishing construction in 2014, and has another development about a block away.

“These areas along old trolley lines, they have excellent walkability,” he said of the neighborhood.

Mathieson, acting as 3022 Zuni Street LLC, purchased the property in August 2014 for $475,000 from Cruz and Mary Gutierrez.

Mathieson said he always wanted to own the site, despite not knowing precisely what he’d do with it. Another party had the property under contract before him, he said, but missed several deadlines, allowing him to swoop in.

Michael Mathieson

Michael Mathieson

Mathieson said he spent $15,000 making the house rentable while deciding on a development strategy. Even then, finding tenants was a challenge, he said.

“This was the most dilapidated structure in this area.”

Mathieson said townhomes weren’t practical because he couldn’t fit a driveway on the lot, and that a duplex, while possible, wouldn’t fit in with the neighborhood.

Matt Dendorfer is assisting in the construction of the building, which will be called Zuni 21, a reference to the number of units.

The development won’t have any onsite parking. Mathieson said that was approved by the city before it implemented a moratorium on use of a small-lot parking exemption.

The property will have designated space for bikes and mopeds.

“Several people over here ride their bikes to work every day,” Mathieson said, referencing the townhomes he built next door.

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Since we are all bound and determined to make Colorado even more congested… Of course these investor don’t care most of them are not even from here. PLEASE BUILD NICE APPARTMENTS INSTEAD OF THESE UGLY STRUCTURES GOING UP ON EVERY CORNER, LIKE STARBUCKS.
Pretty soon we will be like China stacked on top of one another. Ridiculous!!

Porter Forbes

Help me Ronda, help, help me Ronda…I noticed you have the same comment on all kinds of land and development sales on Business Den. Why do you read it if you hate development so much? Life is short, you complain about RiNo, Ballpark, LoHi developments and I doubt you even live here. Get A LIFE!!


Rhonda, that is typical NIMBY talk….. this development seems smart and the fact that there is no parking means that many of these people won’t be adding to congestion rather they would be seeking other means of transportation. All of you anti growth Coloradans need to educate yourself.


Trent. Do you honestly think the people moving here are coming here without cars? Because they are moving with cars. I guarantee over half the people who will rent these units will have a car and be forced to overcrowd the surrounding area with parking. All because a developer wanted to cram as many people as possible into the cheapest place he could build

Porter Forbes
Hi Adam, I live in one of the developers units in another LoHi project and ride my bike to work downtown almost every day, Uber 1-2 times per week, take the light rail to the airport and walk to all the amenities in LoHi. This is urban living, the best cities in the world are not filled with cars all around downtown and the lack of culture and ignorance with some people in this state is astounding, especially anyone that announces they are a “NATIVE”. Like that means anything…it doesn’t. Oh, and your comment about the cheapest place he could… Read more »

That’s all she does on here. Post about the city growing and complains about it in any way possible. I finished school here 8 years ago and I’ve been here since. I’m looking to move away more because of the lack of culture and diversity. People here constantly complaining about growing. How do you think Chicago, Houston, Dallas, LA, NYC and other great large cities became the place they are today…..it’s called transplants. This stupid native term here is absolutely ridiculous, good for you I’m glad you chose Colorado from the womb.


Adam, I moved here without a car.