Lawyer hangs shingle on RiNo coworking for other lawyers

asqlegal exterior

ESQlegal will open a coworking space at 3343 Larimer St. in RiNo. (Lynn Yen)

Lawyers coworking with lawyers.

That’s the business plan for Yev Muchnik, a Cherry Creek High grad and lawyer who’s hanging a shingle as a coworking developer.

Muchnik is giving solo practitioners and small law firms another option on the menu of workspaces with ESQlegal. She aims to open at 3343 Larimer St. in RiNo later this month.

“Coworking is the new normal,” Muchnik said.

ESQlegal will focus on attorneys serving technology companies and startups.

The company signed a lease on 5,000 square feet of space that can fit 50 people.

It will have private desks starting at $1,750 per month, open-air designated desks for $750, floating desks for $350 and a $100 general access membership for classes, workshops and networking events.

Muchnik found the RiNo building – owned by Matthew Palmer – with help from Adam Waggoner of Generator Real Estate. The building will be designed by Shike Design. Muchnik is getting the word out about her new business with help from advertising firm Vorpal Sabre.

She estimates the venture has cost about $60,000, which she gathered from friends, family and savings.

Yev Muchnik

Yev Muchnik

Muchnik, 35, attended Cherry Creek High, the University of Colorado Denver and George Washington University Law School. Last year she started her own legal practice, Launch Legal Group, which she will run out of ESQlegal.

Muchnik previously had worked at traditional law firms doing corporate law. After having two kids, she decided to strike out on her own.

“Law firms haven’t caught up with progressive companies – giving you a normal amount of time to spend with your baby,” she said.

According to Muchnik, a coworking space can help attorneys network and get advice and client referrals. But lawyers have special workplace needs.

The building will be outfitted with noise-reduction equipment, internet firewalls, login-accessible printing and front-door sign in.

Other services will include access to paralegals and legal assistants, legal education classes and standard food and drink amenities.

“All that overhead is on you as a solo. You can’t share that,” she said. “That’s what this coworking space is trying to provide.”

ESQlegal will join Laundry on Lawrence, which also has an attorney-geared coworking area in RiNo, and over 1 million square feet of total shared workspace in the Denver metro.