(Video) Inside the creation of a Colorado Camper Van

CCV installs pop-tops and interior fixtures on several types of vans. (CCV)

Each of Derek Webber’s campers starts life as an ordinary, nondescript van.

But hand Webber the keys to a Dodge Promaster, Ford Transit or Chevy Express, and the owner of Colorado Camper Vans will turn a humble hauler into a home away from home.

The company can work with just about any van that rolls into its 14,000-square-foot Loveland workshop, which BusinessDen visited this summer.

For a basic remodel, workers slice off the top of a van and install an insulated pop-top so travelers can bunk on the roof or use the space for extra storage. CCV can remodel a van in one week, and sells them for $12,800.

Then comes the fun stuff. For more time and money, Webber and his crew can customize campers with kitchen sinks, dining tables, furnaces, a refrigerator or a dry-flush toilet.

To see sparks flying and hear saws whirring at the Colorado Camper Van headquarters, check out our video below.

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