Coffee shop spills into massive LoHi project


Sapor is moving into 2785 Speer, a residential and retail development in LoHi. (Lynn Yen)

There’s a spot of coffee moving into a gargantuan Highlands development.

Husband-and-wife Caleb and Jeannie Sprenger plan to open Sapor Coffee & Concepts at 2785 Speer, an $80 million mixed-use development off Interstate 25 near downtown. The couple signed a lease on a 2,000-square-foot space that they plan to open this winter.

“Specialty coffee is not a norm in Denver yet,” Caleb said, compared to cities like San Francisco. “We want to already be established when Denver reaches that level.”

Jeannie, 22, and Caleb, 24, met in middle school while living in Mongolia. Caleb, a Denver native, moved back in 2011. He learned about coffee roasting while working for his uncle’s Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters. The Lakewood-based company’s beans will be used exclusively in Sapor drinks.

The shop will brew espresso, pour-over and batch-brewed coffee alongside other drinks and pastries.

Crosbie Real Estate Group manages 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail at 2785 Speer. Other retail tenants include Fitwall, which opened in 2015, and Elements Massage, which has signed a lease but not yet welcomed its first customers. 

A 4,500-square-foot space built out for a restaurant is still available.

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Peggy Panzer
4 years ago

Hello, I’m writing about the 2785 Speer community which is the mixed-use site that includes the retail space for Sapor Coffee. You authored an article about the coffee shop which included a hyperink for 2785 Speer. The problem is that the hyperlink is actually for another community altogether. It’s 1/4 mile away, on the opposite side of Speer and has no completed apartment units. Our property’s construction was complete nearly 2 years ago. Will you please issue a correction?

3 years ago

This development is on one of my regularly traveled routes and whenever I go by there I scratch my head and wonder how any retail will survive with so little parking. Maybe it is there and I can’t see it from Speer. Maybe they rely on people to be on foot. But a customer has to be really invested to visit a building like that. Not to mention that for much of the year, the retail side is in a shadow.