Longtime music shop marching off Tennyson

The Flesher-Hinton music store is leaving its longtime home on Tennyson Street. Photos by Burl Rolett.

The Flesher-Hinton music store is leaving its longtime home on Tennyson Street. Photos by Burl Rolett.

After more than 50 years conducting business on Tennyson Street, a Berkeley music shop is bouncing over to Wheat Ridge.

Flesher-Hinton Music sold its 100-year-old building at 3936 Tennyson St. this week to a Denver tattoo parlor and will move to a former RadioShack at 5890 W. 44th Ave. in January.

Music shop co-owner Kristi Flesher said the company is leaving Tennyson because parking is hard to find on the up-tempo retail strip, but they wanted to stay in the Northwest Denver area.

“Our new building is close to where we are now, it has good highway access and the building itself is just easy for us to move into,” she said. “It’s basically empty, we don’t have to tear down and start over.”

The shop is moving into an old RadioShack space.

The shop is moving into an old RadioShack space.

Flesher, who co-owns Flesher-Hinton with her brother Herv, sold the building to South Broadway tattoo parlor Certified Customs for $1.17 million. The deal closed Nov. 23, and Flesher said Creative Customs is planning to open a second tattoo shop at the Tennyson Street building.

Flesher-Hinton is leasing its new Wheat Ridge location. Flesher said the company will continue to focus on school music programs, offering instrument rentals, repairs and lessons, as well as selling instruments and sheet music.

The store will be downsizing from about 8,000 square feet to closer to 4,000 square feet, Flesher said, because it will not need to stock as much retail inventory.

“The school music business has changed dramatically across the nation, and we’ve downsized considerably on sheet music because most of it is done online now,” she said. “We used to store and stock thousands of pieces of music, and that used up a lot of space.”

Flesher-Hinton has been in business since 1951, according to the company website. Flesher said the company has been on Tennyson Street since about 1960 and took up shop across the street before moving to its current location.

The 3936 Tennyson St. building was built in 1908 as a theater. That theater closed in the late 1920s as the nearby Oriental Theater a few blocks up the street picked up steam, according to a recent article in Westword.

Flesher-Hinton has had its building on the market for sale since spring. As residential and retail development rolls up and down Tennyson Street, Flesher said plenty of developers had a look at the building but decided it would take too much work to repurpose it.

“A developer would have to go in and probably demolish the whole inside,” she said. “But this group that bought it, they like it as it is.”

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June Cleaver

Herv is his name, not Herb. FYI

Beaver cleaver

It’s Certified Customs not creative custons

Sven Svenson

And it’s creative customs not creative custons