New LoHi gym gaining momentum

Torrey Newman leads a Fierce45 class. Photo by George Demopoulos.

Torrey Newman leads a Fierce45 class. Photo by George Demopoulos.

The new fitness trends in Denver just keep multiplying.

Torrey Newman recently launched Fierce45 fitness studio in the Highlands, which uses spring-based workout machines in its classes. She said demand for memberships has been so high that she’s already searching for a second location to open this summer.

“Things have been going really good. We’re busting out of our seams,” Newman said. “This past weekend, every class on our schedule was sold out, and we have waitlists on the rest of our classes, as well.”

Newman, 36, said she used $200,000 of personal savings to get the business off the ground, and she plans to stay in the 1,800-square-foot studio at 1208 W. 38th Ave. for at least five years.

Fierce45 has about 100 members. Each class has a maximum of 10 participants and must be booked in advance.

“We’re outgrowing already after being opened for only six weeks,” Newman said.

Torrey Newman

Torrey Newman

Fierce45 is named for the 45-minute workouts that Newman claims can burn up to 800 calories. The workouts follow the Lagree Fitness Method, designed by personal trainer Sebastian Lagree in 2001.

The Lagree Method utilizes machines called MegaFormers in lieu of traditional weight equipment. The spring-based machines are designed to build lean muscles rather than bulk.

“(Lagree) got into Pilates but wanted to get a good workout in as well,” Newman said. “So he created this machine where he sought to merge stretching, some cardio and endurance all into one.”

Newman’s 45-minute workout includes targeting six main areas including legs, obliques, core and upper body. The workouts are low-impact, meaning they put little stress on joints, which has made them popular with clients who have suffered joint injuries, Newman said.

Newman licenses the right to use the method and machines from Lagree Fitness. She currently owns 10 MegaFormer machines, which she bought from Lagree Fitness for $10,000 each. She discovered the regimen on a business trip to New York.

There are three other Lagree licensees in the metro area: Pilates Evolution locations in Cherry Creek and Southglenn and M2 Core in Parker.

Fierce45 has been especially popular with women. About 80 percent of the gym’s members are female and generally fall into the 28- to 50-year-old range, Newman said.

“We have a couple 50-year-old regulars who love it because there’s no impact,” she said.

The studio also offers childcare services to accommodate its parents for $5 to $10.

“There’s so many new moms trying to get their bodies back in shape,” Newman said. “The cost of this class isn’t cheap, so I felt like offering amenities to make memberships more valuable.”

Fierce45 memberships cost $219 for monthly unlimited classes.

Newman has a background in both business and fitness. Before opening Fierce45, she was the VP of digital ad sales for, a competitor to Zillow. She has also taught yoga classes in Denver and Boulder since 2006.

“I was really connected in the yoga community in Denver,” she said. “I was also a ballerina growing up, so I’ve always been interested in movement, and fitness and wellness in general.”

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