Fitness chains team up in Stapleton

A gym and yoga studio are moving into the former Stanley Aviation building in Stapleton. Photo by Rob Melick

A gym and yoga studio are moving into the former Stanley Aviation building in Stapleton. Photo by Rob Melick

Two Denver fitness studios are pushing into Stapleton and betting on a growing base of young families.

Endorphin Fitness and Kindness Yoga are both opening new locations in the former Stanley Aviation building in Stapleton with hopes of opening by January. The gyms plan to invest a combined $1 million into the location. The two will collaborate for the first time and offer shared programs in their new space.

“It’s going to be by far the biggest attraction in Stapleton for people who want to get out and have fun,” Endorphin Fitness owner and founder Chris Lindley said. “From the first time I walked into the facility, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

Endorphin’s plans include two facilities, one for children’s gymnastics and one for adult fitness, with a combined cost of $650,000. The gym’s project will be financed privately. The Stapleton gyms will be Endorphin’s seventh and eighth locations.

Kindness Yoga’s development costs will fall somewhere around $400,000 for a 5,500-square-foot space. Its renovations will be financed privately, as well. The new space will be Kindness’ fifth location to open since 2010.

For Endorphin Fitness, kids’ gymnastics is a new concept. It was included in the company’s plans based on Stapleton’s demographics – predominantly young families with children. Lindley, a Stapleton resident, said he took a cue from his gymnastics-loving daughter.

Endorphin was founded seven years ago. The gym was called Chi before changing its name and selling some locations in January of 2014.

“That kind of changed our model of our class offerings,” Lindley said. “We wanted to have more higher-intensity programs.”

In the 15 months since rebranding, the company has opened six locations across the metro area.

Kindness Yoga’s facility will be divided into two 1,000-square-foot studios and one 1,500-square-foot studio. Its remaining 2,000 square feet will house locker rooms and showers.

“The Stanley Marketplace is an amenity for that neighborhood unlike anything it’s had,” said Patrick Harrington, who founded Kindness Yoga and co-owns the company with his wife. “The amenity itself is there to create a community.”

Like Endorphin, Kindness Yoga will focus on making its new facility family-friendly. Harrington said they will introduce more children’s programming at Stapleton; children’s classes are only offered once a week at the Hilltop studio.

“There’s a CorePower out there that’s great and has been operating for a long time,” he said of the Stapleton fitness market. “But there are lots of folks asking for variation and variety.”

Harrington said he was approached by Mark Shaker of Flightline Ventures, the company behind the Stanley Market’s renovation, last spring.

“He was looking for an independent yoga studio to go in there, and he presented the idea,” Harrington said.

Harrington, in turn, contacted Lindley about the opportunity to open an Endorphin gym in the same building.

Harrington and a business partner purchased a chain of studios called Yoga Energi in 2002. In 2006, they changed the name of the chain to Vital Yoga. Harrington parted ways with his partner in 2010, and the Cherry Creek Vital Yoga became the first Kindness Yoga. Since then, he’s opened one Kindness location a year.

Lindley said Endorphin Fitness and Kindness Yoga will look into offering joint membership for the Stapleton location.

“There’s a lot of people who want to do yoga and then a spinning class, or do yoga while their kids are doing gymnastics,” Harrington said. “Our programming will allow for cross-training in different ways.”

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