Two Waffle Brothers spots seized for unpaid taxes

Waffle Brothers Closes

Waffle Brothers at 700 E. 1st Ave. near Speer Boulevard has a closed sign and a Denver notice that the business owes $25K in sales tax. Photo by Maia Luem

Waffle Brothers restaurants closed two spots after the City and County of Denver seized the properties over unpaid taxes. 

Signs dated July 14 and posted at 700 E. 1st Ave. and 1707 Lafayette St. state the restaurant owed $27,643 in taxes. 

The posted notice said Waffle Brothers fell behind in taxes in October. In large letters the notice reads, “This property is in possession of the … City and County of Denver, State of Colorado … for the collection of unpaid taxes.” 

The same signs are posted at both locations.

Waffle Brothers, which was known for its Belgian-style sugar waffle, opened its first brick and mortar location in 2010. After closing the original spot for a larger space, it re-opened in 2014 at Washington and First streets. 

The brand introduced the pub-style spot on Lafayette in 2013, which offered beer and wine in addition to its standard menu. According to its website, the restaurant has one location in Las Vegas. 

Above the padlocked door at the location just south of Speer Boulevard, a hand-written sign hung with masking tape read, “Sorry, we are closing thank you for your patronage over the years.” 

A similar message was displayed at the Uptown location, though an additional message addressed to UPS and FedEx stated, “Waffle Brothers is refusing all shipments. Business is closed.”


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