DenX Retreat recap: A look at scenes, highlights from Devil’s Thumb Ranch

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Danielle Shoots, Managing Partner and Managing Director of the New Community Transformation Fund
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Danielle Barbeau, The River Yoga
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Laura Huff, Ibex Investors
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Taylor Bechel, Berg Hill Greenleaf and Ruscitti
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Elaine Kanelos, GE Johnson
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Lindsay Broyles, Ibex Investors
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Katie Newell, TrueNorth Companies
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Jenni Kelly and Colleen Merrill, Anchor Engineering
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Andi Sigler, VIVE Float Studio
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Samantha Baldwin, BusinessDen
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Sixty BusinessDen readers ventured to the high country last week for BusinessDen’s second DenX Retreat.

The two-night event May 1-3, an offshoot of our DenX women’s networking series, was held at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa in Grand County, and presented by Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti.

Law firm partner Taylor Bechel welcomed guests, who over the course of the three days enjoyed networking, fireside discussions and a variety of activities ranging from yoga to hiking and horseback riding.

Danielle Shoots, managing partner and managing director of the New Community Transformation Fund — Denver, an equity venture fund, gave a keynote address, speaking about the importance of self-care in leadership.

DenX Retreat 2022 LogoMore intimate fireside chats were led by:

  • • Laura Huff, chief operating officer of Denver-based IBEX Investors, who spoke about “friction and fuel,” and how those concepts impact organizations and relationships.
  • • Elaine Kanelos, director of business development for GE Johnson Construction Co., who spoke about self-care and mental health.
  • • Lily O’Neill, a reporter with BusinessDen, who spoke about business strategies for engaging with the media.

Additional sponsors for the event were Ibex Investors, GE Johnson Construction Co., Anchor Engineering, TrueNorth Companies and VIVE Float Studio.

Please enjoy these photos of the event from Alyson McClaran.

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