The Future of Staffing: Reelworks Denver’s Andrew Feinstein on hiring challenges

Whether you call it the “Great Resignation” or not, hiring and retaining employees is a challenge for most businesses these days.

In BusinessDen’s “The Future of Staffing,” a four-part weekly video series that begins today, we talk with local business owners about what they’re experiencing, how they’re addressing challenges and their outlook for the future.

This week on the series, which is presented by law firm Ireland Stapleton, we’re joined by Andrew Feinstein, CEO and managing partner of Denver-based EXDO Group Cos.

EXDO’s holdings include LGBT nightclub Tracks and Reelworks Denver, the adjacent RiNo venue formerly known as the EXDO Event Center. The firm is also active in managing and developing real estate, with projects including RiNo’s new Catbird hotel.

Feinstein spoke about the roles in his company that are hardest to fill, as well as what prompted him to recently hire Non Plus Ultra to handle some booking responsibilities.

Join us in the coming weeks for conversations on the local ski industry, the restaurant business and the nonprofit sector.