Publisher’s note: BusinessDen to become a subscription site

After six years as a free daily news website in Denver, we are tweaking our business model. Starting later this month, stories will be restricted to paid subscribers. The cost: $8 per month per subscriber, which will allow readers to be simultaneously logged in on 2 devices at once. That price will go up to $15 per subscriber for new accounts that start in 2021.

Corporate subscriptions will be available for companies that want just one charge per month, and discounts are available to companies signing up more than 25 accounts. (To get your subscription ready ahead of time, please message me.)

Our morning email will remain free to our 20,000 readers.

aaron kremer

Founder & Publisher Aaron Kremer

Paid BusinessDen subscribers will be able to access our stories and archives and will receive more data than we currently publish. As well as breaking news alerts sent directly to their email inbox.

The reason for the change will not be a surprise: events, which became a material part of our growing business drawing thousands of attendees each year, have been hammered by the pandemic. So it is time for us to adjust our business model – a move we know well from covering the dynamic startup scene here on the Front Range.

Now we hope to earn our readers’ business as paid subscribers like our role models in journalism: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and other respected publications.

We are fortunate that our long-standing advertisers are behind us on this pivot and know the value of reaching Denver’s business owners and executives. And we deeply appreciate their encouragement during this transition.

If you’ve enjoyed our coverage over the last six years and find our brand of news educational and entertaining, please let us earn your business. You can sign up here.

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