The Herd: New hires, departures and promotions 9.1.20

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Kimberly Beekman is chief content creator for Miraflora. She had been with Skiing Magazine.

Kimberly Beekman

Ian Elfner

Real Estate

Ian Elfner joined Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors as a senior advisor. He had been with NavPoint Real Estate Group.

Katherine Mosher is a lead transaction manager with Aqyre Real Estate Advisors.

The Aurora Association of Realtors and the South Metro Denver Realtor Association merged into one entity. Officers and board members include CEO Melissa Maldonado, COO Karen Becker, board Chairman Brian Anzur, board Vice Chairman Aaron Ravdin and Corporate Secretary Heather Hankins.

Sarah King

Ryan Haynes

Kristina Harding

At Gerretson Realty & Co.:

Sarah King joined as first vice president and board member. She is a graduate of Colorado State University.

Ryan Haynes has been promoted to vice president.

At Unique Properties:

Courtney Mono is a transaction coordinator. She is a graduate of the University of San Diego.

Elliott Polanchyck

Courtney Mono

Jose Martinez

Elliott Polanchyck is a broker associate.

At Atlas Real Estate:

Kristina Harding and Jose Martinez are real estate advisors. Harding is with the Fort Collins office. Martinez is with the Colorado Springs office.

Rebecca Slaughter and Jacob Mueller have been promoted to regional managers.

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