State agrees to alternative measures after strip club lawsuit over 25-foot requirement

Player’s Club is located at 6710 Federal Blvd. (BizDen file photo by Thomas Gounley)

The show’s a lot closer — but now it’s behind Plexiglas.

Strippers at Player’s Club in Adams County no longer have to stay 25 feet away from patrons after the Colorado Department of Public Health determined that other measures the club agreed to take are “at least as effective as preventing disease transmission.”

The club, which operates at 6710 Federal Blvd., had been ordered to ensure “maintenance of at least a 25-foot distance between stage performers and patrons” after three employees tested positive for COVID-19 in June.

The club sued the state agency and the Tri-County Health Department on July 8, saying the requirement limited capacity and “makes it impossible for Plaintiff to earn enough revenue to sustain operations.”

“Plaintiff’s entertainers seek to create erotic art and such eroticism requires less distance than 25 feet to be effectively communicated to the patrons,” the club argued.

That lawsuit was dismissed Friday after the parties agreed on the following alternative safety measures, which are quoted from the letter:

  • – Dancers have a separate entrance/exit and do not interact with the crowd in person (no speaking, no touching).
    – Dancers wear masks at all times in the club.
    – Temperature checks are given to staff/dancers before and after their shifts.
    – Patrons also have their temperature checked before being allowed to enter the club.
    – The stages all have Plexiglas barriers installed. The barriers span from the ceiling to within two inches of the floor of the stage. The barriers run horizontally from one wall almost to the opposite wall. There is a cut out space so that the dancer can enter/exit the stage.
    – Dancers and patrons remain at least six feet apart.
    – The dancers wipe down the pole on the pole dancing stage after each set. The dancers also wipe down the floor on each of the stages after the set.
    – A dancer performs a three song set, which runs approximately 10 minutes.
    – The dancers do not have a heavy level of exertion during their dance performance.
    – The dancer does not interact with the crowd after a set, but returns to a dressing room through a separate exit.
    – Patrons are required to wear masks at all times, except when eating and drinking.

Player’s Club is owned by Chris Fuselier, who also owns Denver’s Blake Street Tavern. Attorneys Jordan Factor and Brenton Gragg of Allen Vellone Wolf Helfrich & Factor represented the club in the dispute.

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