The Pipeline: Commercial real estate deals for 7.10.20

Evergreen Devco Inc reports the following deal:

Evergreen Devco Inc purchased Turnberry at Heather Ridge, a 268-unit apartment complex at 2038 S. Vaughn Way in Aurora, for $46 million. John Blackshire and Tom Wanberg of Transwestern represented the seller.

Newmark Knight Frank reports the following deal:

SSP 1060 Logan LLC purchased the 31-unit The Tiffany apartment building at 1060 Logan St. in Denver for $4.76 million from 1060 Logan Street LLC. Justin Hunt, Andy Hellman, Ryan Cohn and Katie Hufnagel represented the seller.

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors reports the following deal:

Ryan Fisher, Jenna Knowles and RD Fisher Enterprises LLC purchased the 4,871-square-foot, seven-unit converted Cap Hill mansion at 1218 Clarkson St. in Denver for $1.35 million from Wash Clark Apartments LLC. Andrew Monette represented the seller.

Nexus Commercial Realty reports the following deal:

VM Wolff Apartments LLC purchased the six-unit apartment building at 1287 Wolff St. in Denver for $1.33 million from T Doyle LLC. Brandon Kaufman and Nik MacCarter represented the seller.

Lee & Associates reports the following deal:

CottageCare Inc purchased the 3,513-square-foot office building at 7231 S. Broadway in Littleton for $775,000 from Chris and Ivonne Van Wyk. JR Bitzer represented both buyer and sellers.

The Zall Company reports the following deals:

Advanced Urgent Care leased 4,018 square feet at 7320 Federal Blvd. in Denver. Kyle Framson and Logan Schenk represented the landlord.

Yoga Six leased 2,069 square feet at Bowles Crossing in Littleton. Kyle Framson and Zach Albrecht represented the tenant.

Green Knight CBD leased 1291 square feet at 3003 E. 3rd Ave. in Denver. Kyle Framson, Stuart Zall and Stacey Glenn represented the landlord.

Green Collective leased 837 square feet at 32nd and Vallejo in Denver. Kyle Framson and Logan Schenk represented the tenant.

Axio Commercial Real Estate reports the following deal:

The Dirt Beast leased 1,275 retail square feet at 7150 Leetsdale Drive in Denver. Corey Cross and John Livaditis represented the landlord. Kelli Hernandez of Tenant Base represented the tenant.

Deals from county records:

Emerson Wood Building Exchange LLC purchased 2640 E. 43rd Ave. in Denver for $1.475 million from Candace-Jamey Ltd.

RIMP 2050 W Barberry LLC purchased 2050 W. Barberry Place in Denver for $950,000 from C & R LLC.

AGAP Denver LLC purchased 1101 – 1199 S. Huron St. in Denver for $8.2 million from 1155 S Huron LLC.

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