Auto repair shop in Cap Hill being replaced with convenience store

The Capitol Hill site is currently under construction. (Lily O’Neill)

A Capitol Hill auto repair shop that’s been around since the mid-1950s is no more.

The Conoco gas station at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Downing Street is being remodeled to replace the auto shop with a new convenience store, according to Jeff Sussman of Englewood-based G&S Oil Products.

He said customers won’t have to travel too far to meet their automotive needs. The company owns another auto shop and Conoco gas station at Sixth Avenue and York Street, about a mile away from the construction site.

“We knew the store at York could accommodate the traffic for both locations for repair, and we thought this would be a great location for a convenience remodel based on the traffic in the neighborhood,” Sussman said.

The project began in January and will not change the approximate 1,600-square-foot building size, Sussman said. It’s anticipated to be complete by summer 2020, but issues with building out the space and pandemic setbacks have temporarily paused construction.

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Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson
11 months ago

Will be interesting to see the exterior upon completion . Isn’t this located in the 7th Avenue Historic District?

Mike Shifflet
10 months ago

Auto repair shops, as we all knew, are essential businesses. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee customers. During this time of uncertainty, if you have a vehicle that needs some attention, maybe call up your favorite auto repair facility and see what they can do for you. Chances are, they may not be super busy. This may work out in your favor! Be safe everyone.