Four Pinnacle brokers decamp to launch new firm

Joe Hornstein (far left), Scott Fetter, Kevin Calame and Matt Lewallen (Courtesy Aqyre Real Estate Advisors)

Four brokers from Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors have gone out on their own.

Joe Hornstein, Scott Fetter, Matt Lewallen and Kevin Calame left the Denver firm at the end of last year to launch Aqyre Real Estate Advisors.

Joining them were their more junior team members: Dan Hawthorne, Jack Sherman, Hunter Schaefer, Keith Hardy, David Barocas and Kaila Dee.

Aqyre, a play on the word acquire — “we hired a branding firm,” Lewallen said — is operating out of 3,600 square feet in the office building at 1720 S. Bellaire St., where a dartboard and small indoor putting green mat are on hand. The company signed a four-year lease.

Hornstein had worked at Pinnacle since the company was founded in 2006, spending much of that time teamed up with Fetter, who joined in 2012. Lewallen and Calame, who were also partnered up, joined Pinnacle in 2008.

“We just felt like there were better systems that we could implement, and better training,” Calame said.

“The residential world is typically far ahead of the commercial world when it comes to technology,” Lewallen said.

The commercial firm’s inaugural listings include apartment buildings at 1651 Washington St. and 1915 Sherman St. in Uptown, as well as the office building at 1801 Kipling St. and the Powers Shopping Center in Colorado Springs.

Aqyre isn’t looking to get huge. Fetter said the goal is to keep the firm “tight-knit,” with a max headcount of about 15 people.

“Now there’s this new level of motivation that we wouldn’t have under someone else’s umbrella,” he said.

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