Women’s clothing line looks to raise $25K on Kickstarter

Products will range in color and be made from linen, a bamboo blend or 100% biodegradable silk. (Photos courtesy Beryl)

A project engineer at Lockheed Martin is jumping into the fashion world on the side.

Mary Popp is nearly four weeks into the Kickstarter campaign for Beryl, the Denver-based sustainable clothing company she founded. As of 2 p.m. Thursday, she had raised $10,879 toward her goal of $25,000, from 87 backers.

Mary Popp

“I launched the company really because I wanted a product that didn’t exist,” Popp said. “And I’ve always loved fashion.”

At Beryl, sustainable means being conscious of the materials used, where they come from and who’s putting together the product, and ultimately choosing products with the lowest impact to the environment.

Popp, who works part time on Beryl, said sustainable clothing currently on the market is either “really trendy and modern or very casual.”

“There’s nothing in that middle space,” she said. “So the idea for Beryl was to provide sustainable options to compete with those brands.”

The clothing line will offer six styles: a sleeveless dress, a v-neck dress, a wrap dress, a mid-sleeve shirt, a blouse, and a long-sleeve, boyfriend-fit button up. Products will range in color and be made from linen, a bamboo blend or 100% silk, which is biodegradable.

“Funds (raised) are going to be 100% put towards producing those lines,” Popp said.

Other brands sell sustainable button ups or blouses for $200, according to Popp. Her products will range between $65 and $130.

“The plan is to be (an) e-commerce and direct to consumer … and pass along savings to our customers,” Popp said.

If the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t reach its goal, no funds will be distributed to the company. Popp said if this happens, she will launch another campaign with a goal of $10,000 or begin selling products on the company’s website. www.berylclothes.com

Popp is working with partners in Los Angeles, Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama to create the dresses and shirts. All products will be made in the U.S.

Shipping is expected to begin this spring, Popp said.

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