Aurora mushroom startup raises another $23 million

brooks kelly

Co-founder Brooks Kelly examines a test liquid. (Courtesy of Mycotechnology)

No, not those kind of mushrooms.

Mycotechnology, an Aurora startup making sweeteners and protein products from the common fungi, has pocketed at least $23.5 million in funding, according to a Form D recently filed through the SEC.

The company is looking for a total of $30 million, the filing said.

Mycotechnology has raised a total of $76.1 million, including a $42 million Series B round announced last year. The company did not return requests for comment on the latest filing.

Mycotechnology, founded in 2013, is the brainchild of a mushroom scientist and chemist, who wanted to find a way to harvest nutritional products from mushrooms.

The company has two core products. PureTaste, made from shiitake mushroom roots and said to taste slightly like cereal, can be used to add protein to breads and other items. ClearTaste, meanwhile, has the effect of curbing bitter tastes in foods such as coffee or chocolate, and functions as a sugar substitute.

Mycotechnology leased an 86,000-square-foot facility at 18250 E. 40th Ave. in Aurora last year. At the time, the company needed more space in order to meet the demand for PureTaste, with the capability to produce more than 4,000 tons per year.

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