DU launches online MBA

University of Denver is launching an online MBA program. (Lynn Yen)

The University of Denver is jumping into the online MBA market with a $75,000 program.

DU started accepting applicants July 31. The online program costs the same as DU’s part-time MBA program: 60 credit-hours at $1,250 apiece.

It will be competing against other Colorado universities that already boast online MBA programs, like the University of Colorado at Denver and Colorado State University.

Of the three, DU’s online MBA is the most expensive. CU Denver’s program is $33,280 (48 credit hours, $2,080 per three-credit course) and CSU’s program is $39,730 (42 credit hours, $946 per credit).

DU’s first online MBA students will start the program in January 2018. It can be completed in 21 months.

The university is using online education software from 2U, a Maryland company with about 200 employees in Denver.

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