Tech entrepreneur lists $3M Park Hill compound

The main residence at 4725 Montview Blvd. is part of the $3 million listing. (Kate Tracy)

A Park Hill compound built by a tech entrepreneur hit the market last month for $3 million.

Donna Auguste, co-founder of Freshwater Software in Boulder and Alpha and Omega Inc. in Denver, is selling her 10,500-square-foot property 11 blocks east of City Park.

The joint property consists of the main residence at 4735 Montview Blvd. and a smaller residence at 2021 Dahlia St. that share a courtyard and pool. Together there are seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

David Hayes purchased the Montview property in 2007 for $650,000 before transferring the property rights to Auguste in a quitclaim deed in 2011, according to property records. Hayes purchased the Dahlia house in 2009 for $445,000, and it transferred to Auguste in 2011 in another quitclaim deed.

Auguste co-founded Freshwater Software in 1996 and sold it to Mercury Interactive Corp. in 2001 for $147 million. She also co-founded Alpha and Omega Inc., where she helped develop music streaming playlists, smart electrical gaskets for electrical outlets and e-book page technology, according to her LinkedIn profile.

While the home on Dahlia Street is smaller, it has its own full kitchen and living spaces. Both homes were built in 2008 and have solar panels on the roof. Other features include a pool, sauna, solar floor heating and an elevator.

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The smaller house on Dahlia Street has its own full kitchen and living spaces. (Kate Tracy)

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