Coworking for the construction crowd

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A rendering of the planned coworking space at 6145 Broadway in Adams County. (Courtesy TradeCraft)

A coworking space for contractors is nearly ready to open in Adams County, leave your hard hats and work boots at the door.

Bryce Ballew plans to launch Tradecraft Industries, a 19,000-square-foot coworking space for construction companies, at 6145 Broadway this fall. He hopes having all sorts of contractors under one roof will make projects run more smoothly for Tradecraft tenants.

“As a general contractor, you are building teams,” Ballew said. “Each project is unique and has a different sub-contractor base. It is assembled differently. It just seems like a coworking space is how that starts. It allows you to build a better, faster, easily adjustable team.”

bryce ballew

Bryce Ballew

Ballew, a Colorado State University graduate, also heads up his own contracting firm, Construction Inc. While coworking spaces proliferate for tech companies, startups, wedding planners and even lawyers, Ballew said nobody is taking the idea to the building industry.

“We are really trying to combine everything from contractors, self-storage and continuing education,” he said. “There is not really a unifying set place for all these things… We are trying to combine everything that the design and construction industry would need.”

Rent will start at $125 a month for the most basic membership, which buys a tenant access to Tradecraft between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., desk space, internet and technical assistance. A $200 membership will get tenants 24/7 building access and the ability to reserve private meeting space.

Tradecraft will also rent 23 small, walled-off offices. The smallest units will start at $750 a month for a 168-square-foot space. Large offices cost $3,150 a month for a 750-square-foot space. The offices can be leased for three, six or 12 months at a time.

Ballew also plans to bring instructors in to give talks and classes on various construction topics. He’ll charge admission for the educational sessions, but will offer members a discount.

Tradecraft will also offer storage space for construction materials. An 80-square-foot storage unit costs $150 a month while a large storage space of 320-square-feet costs $450 a month.

Ballew said that he’s targeting small contractors, but will also be on the lookout for business from smaller divisions of larger firms.

“Accounting, IT support – all those things you would have at a big company, we are just picking those and having those right here,” Ballew said.

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