CenturyLink yanks plug on 16th St. showroom, reboots inside its office tower

CenturyLink moved its retail space from and, just three blocks away. (Stephanie Mason)

CenturyLink moved its store from 16th and Stout, just three blocks away. (Stephanie Mason)

CenturyLink is hopping three blocks over for a new downtown retail store.

The telecom giant shuttered a store it leased at 16th and Stout streets this month and reopened the small retail outlet inside a building CenturyLink owns at 930 15th St. at the end of last week.

The shop sells services like Prism TV, Direct TV, high speed internet, landlines and smart home features. The new retail location previously was a small telephone and communication museum that CenturyLink operated.

Moving into the new space spurred along CenturyLink’s own internet connection, salesman Jason Galvin said.

“Moving over here was a huge technology increase,” Galvin said. “It is like going from a basic Motorola phone to the new iPhone.”

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