Boulder fast casual concept ventures into Denver

CAPTION CAPTION. (Courtesy of Rush Bowls)

Andrew Pudalov started his first Rush Bowls location in Boulder in 2004. (Courtesy of Rush Bowls)

After more than 10 years making hearty smoothies in Boulder, a former New York City financier is firing up the blenders in LoHi.

Andrew Pudalov is building out the second location of his fast-casual concept Rush Bowls at 1665 Central St. in LoHi.

“We feel that LoHi has had immense growth,” Pudalov said. “Its population is a great demographic for our type of product. We have young professionals who have really latched on that concept of grab and go.”

Bowls with.. cost around $8.Courtesy of Rush Bowls

Bowls with yogurt, fruit and granola cost around $8. (Courtesy of Rush Bowls)

Rush Bowls sells bowls filled with yogurt, fruit and granola for around $8.

Narvaes Construction is currently doing the work on the 600-square-foot location, which will be the chain’s second spot when it opens in August.

While the bowls are similar to smoothies, Pudalov said he adds granola, honey and other toppings to all the bowls that give it a texture different from something sold in a smoothie shop.

Pudalov, who at one time worked in finance in New York City, moved his family to Boulder in 2004 and opened their first Rush Bowls location near the University of Colorado.

In 2011, Rush Bowls started wholesaling frozen products. Customers include local Whole Foods stores and Amazon, he said.

Pudalov said he also is looking to have up to 10 franchise locations across Denver over the next few years.

Pudalov would like to open two more corporate owned Rush Bowls locations in Denver within the next year, but hasn’t yet located space for additional restaurants.

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