Korean newspapers grapple in court

Korea Weekly is being sued for defamation.

Korea Weekly is being sued for defamation.

Two competing Korean-language newspapers are taking their rivalry to court.

The publisher of Weekly Focus sued the publisher of Korea Weekly this week in Arapahoe County Court, alleging defamation and deceptive trade practices.

Korea Weekly allegedly defamed Weekly Focus’ reporting of legal actions in Colorado and Korea.

Several of the allegedly offending statements, translated from Korean, include:

–    “The Plaintiff’s reporting was ‘beyond the most basic principles of news reporting’”

–    “The Plaintiff’s editor ‘distorted report leaves suspicion that she wants to take a reflexive benefit to her relatively sluggish sales.’”

–    “The Plaintiff’s editor is ‘a person with a dual personality’”

One of Korea Weekly’s headlines read “Hyun-Joo Kim from Weekly Focus Reported Biased Story.”

The Weekly Focus (the plaintiff) claims that its ability to function as a newspaper depends on the trust or readers and potential readers.

Mark Lyda, from the Lyda Law firm, filed the suit on behalf of Weekly Focus and declined to comment.

Korea Weekly also declined to comment when reached by phone.

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