Shifting focus, beef company raises $2.3M

As it narrows its focus mainly to hot dogs and sausages, a grass-fed beef company is raising funds and is planning to move its office to Union Station.

Diet company sets $2M New Year’s resolution

More than halfway to its goal already, a manufacturer of diet supplements and snack lines known for its celebrity endorsements has a $2 million capital raise in the works.

Beefed-up bike tires gain traction

Bike shops and frame makers are keeping an eye on a new trend in the cycling world, mountain bike-sized wheels with plus-sized tires for added traction.

Backpack brand scores Kickstarter hat trick

A backpack startup has now raised a total of $58,000 over three crowdfunding campaigns, using online fundraising platforms not just to get off the ground, but to fuel each big step in the business.

Topo’s map expands with San Francisco shop

The Denver bag and apparel brand is opening its third store this year, stepping out of Colorado for the first time and into the busy San Fransisco market.

Bonnie Brae jewelry shop shutting down

After more than a decade, a Bonnie Brae jewelry store is closing down, and its landlord is on the hunt for a new tenant for the space.

Cycling shop startup rolling into Arvada

Two bike industry friends are hoping to fill a hole in the Arvada market left by another shop’s closure and will also provide some services on wheels of their own.

CVS jumps into Denver real estate market

The pharmacy giant, which has stores in most states but none in Colorado, has purchased a 2-acre property along Hampden Avenue and may be gearing up to take on the Walgreens empire.

Pot shop owners seeing green on Black Friday

Black Friday mania is spreading to local cannabis chains, with several retailers rolling out their own special discount deals hoping for a sizable bump in business.