George Demopoulos

George Demopoulos is a BusinessDen reporter who covers entrepreneurship and fitness/outdoor recreation. He is a graduate of the University of Denver. Email him at

Facebook burns cannabis companies

The social media giant, which has been closing pages for dispensaries nationwide in the last few weeks, has shut down the pages of at least two Colorado cannabis stores.

Eyewear brand debuts sun-ready ski goggles

zeal goggles ftd

Combining protections against bright light, glare and fog, a local sports eyewear brand has rolled out a new model of ski goggles that changes hue based on sunlight.

Crowds line up at new taco shop

Torchys ftd

A Texas-based taqueria’s first Denver restaurant is on a hot streak, with people lined up out the door more than a week after its opening.

Shut-down clothing shop revived in Five Points

A local clothing brand is reopening a full-time shop on Welton Street and eyeing an international expansion after being evicted from its Larimer location last summer.

Comedian mixes punches and punchlines

Punchline Dick Black ftd

Stepping straight from the ring to the stage, a local comedian is launching a new series of boxing matches between Denver comics followed by stand-up routines.

CrossFit gym launching in Westminster

kettle ball ftd

With corporate classes already under his belt, a CrossFit instructor is gearing up to launch his own gym next month in Westminster.

Ski resort slides into Chapter 11

echo mountainSki hill ftd

A recently reopened ski area west of Evergreen has filed for bankruptcy to stave off a creditor’s push toward foreclosure.