Ballpark block shuts down for summer green space


The temporary park is set up between Lawrence and Larimer streets. (Kailyn Lamb)

The city of Denver is out to prove that a park can be anywhere – even in the middle of a street.

The Square on 21st opened Thursday as a temporary park in the Ballpark neighborhood between Lawrence and Larimer streets. The entire block has been shut down for the summer to make way for a dog park, large tree and flower planters, spaces for food vendors, a pop-up retail spot and a stage.

Mark Dym, owner of Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana restaurant on nearby Larimer, said this was his first time selling food at a park setting. He’s hoping to commit to being at The Square all summer if he can get the staff.

Another vendor at the park was brewing hot coffee inside a red-and-white Volkswagen Bug. Matthew Pendleton, owner of On the Road Coffee, said that he has no plans for a brick-and-mortar store, and that he prefers the simplicity of selling coffee from a small car.   

The Downtown Denver Partnership Inc. worked with the city of Denver on the project.

From left: Mayor Micheal B. Hancock, parks director Allegra Haynes, DDP President Tami Door and planning director Brad Buchanan. (Kailyn Lamb)

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