Katherine Blunt

Katherine Blunt is a BusinessDen reporter. She covers residential real estate, nonprofits, startups and energy. Katherine is a graduate of Elon University in North Carolina. She can be reached at Katherine@BusinessDen.com.

Oil company digging for $100M

A locally based petroleum company has kicked off a $100 million capital raise as the price for crude oil continues to drop.

LoDo lures booming Calif. payroll firm

With more than $17 million in incentives from the city and the state, a young San Francisco company will put up to 1,750 people on its Denver payroll as it launches a second office near Union Station.

Photographer scraps studio for happy hour shots

After years stalking celebrities in Los Angeles as a paparazzo, a photographer is turning her camera toward small businesses with quick photo shoots built around busy schedules.

Bedding business sizes up

An entrepreneur that created an easier alternative to the fitted sheet is graduating from the baby market and moving into new territory with help from investment capital.

Solar firm files for bankruptcy

A Centennial firm recently filed for Chapter 11, but it has a new CEO and a turnaround plan in effect.

Pot supply store eyes national growth

With help from a New York investment deal and access to new technology, a store that sells marijuana grow supplies is looking to expand beyond Denver.