Home brewers coin new taphouse in Centennial

Halfpenny Garner Reigrut ftd

A pair of longtime home brewers are finally moving forward with plans to launch their own brewery and are building up their beer operation in a Centennial shopping center.

Staffing startup sees opening in cannabis

A young entrepreneur moved to Denver and quickly launched a recruiting and staffing company focused on the marijuana industry. And she’s already planning moves into California and Oregon.

Skateboard startup powers up

Viper Boards 2 ftd

An electric skateboard hoping to zip past the competition with lower prices has rolled out its first batch of boards.

Endorphin to open yoga studio near Regis

Kindness Yoga stock ftd

The fast-growing fitness chain is stretching its reach even farther with a new yoga-focused gym near Regis University, while another studio takes shape in Aurora.

Storage startup locks down $1.8M

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A startup that handles moving, storage and delivery has raised $1.8 million just a year and a half after the company launch.