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Print shop adds apparel line

InkMonstr Featured

A Denver-based print shop known for wrapping tour buses and buildings is ready to wrap customers in its first apparel line.

Eyewear brand debuts sun-ready ski goggles

zeal goggles ftd

Combining protections against bright light, glare and fog, a local sports eyewear brand has rolled out a new model of ski goggles that changes hue based on sunlight.

Shut-down clothing shop revived in Five Points

A local clothing brand is reopening a full-time shop on Welton Street and eyeing an international expansion after being evicted from its Larimer location last summer.

A look at this year’s SIA Snow Show

SIA Rocky Mountain Underground 8001 ftd

The Snowsports Industry America’s Snow Show kicked off its annual convention yesterday in Denver, with 336,710 square feet with 550 exhibitors — including 174 new arrivals — showcasing over 1,000 brands in 3,000 booths.

Winter gear maker warms up to summer line

Flylow Steen Abrams ftd

An outdoor apparel maker that’s known for its winter gear is branching out into warmer seasons with the launch of a new summer line.

Shifting focus, beef company raises $2.3M

Teton Waters Ranch cows ftd

As it narrows its focus mainly to hot dogs and sausages, a grass-fed beef company is raising funds and is planning to move its office to Union Station.

Diet company sets $2M New Year’s resolution

supplement medicine pill ftd

More than halfway to its goal already, a manufacturer of diet supplements and snack lines known for its celebrity endorsements has a $2 million capital raise in the works.

Beefed-up bike tires gain traction

Wade Washburn plus sized tires ftd

Bike shops and frame makers are keeping an eye on a new trend in the cycling world, mountain bike-sized wheels with plus-sized tires for added traction.

Backpack brand scores Kickstarter hat trick

Lorenzen Popp MHM Coalition ftd

A backpack startup has now raised a total of $58,000 over three crowdfunding campaigns, using online fundraising platforms not just to get off the ground, but to fuel each big step in the business.