Photographer scraps studio for happy hour shots

Jennifer Buhl ftd

After years stalking celebrities in Los Angeles as a paparazzo, a photographer is turning her camera toward small businesses with quick photo shoots built around busy schedules.

City Park West co-working space means business

Steno Roberts Strickler ftd

Planning an office where you can ‘put your head down and get things done,’ a pair of UC Denver grads is launching a small co-working space on Vine Street for companies past the fledgling startup phase.

Broadway apartment complex fetches $64M

1000 S Broadway ftd

A Las Vegas developer cashed out a 260-unit apartment complex this month as the area surrounding the property transforms with new projects.

Snack startup cracks into new territory

With plans to soon pitch its product to grocery chain Sprouts, a sunflower seed business is quickly growing and will be on store shelves in 15 states by the end of the summer.

Developer grabs Cap Hill apartments, land

Slipstream Colfax apartment site 2 ftd

An apartment project and development-ready land in Cap Hill was sold recently for more than $9 million, and the buyer has plans for 140 more apartments on the site.

Startup takes interior design online

Havenly Dixon Mayer ftd

Following the lead of personal styling websites, two sisters are growing their RiNo-based web company and connecting customers with interior designers online.

RiNo bar puts taps in customers’ hands

First Draft Mark Slattery ftd

A new bar has 40 bars on tap, but no bartenders. Instead, customers pick and pour their drink themselves using touch-screen tablets, and electronic wristbands track their tab.