Fight against Sloan’s Lake condos faces dismissal

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A dispute between Sloan’s Lake residents and the developer of the St. Anthony’s Hospital project has hit a new bump as lawyers for would-be plaintiffs try to swap new complainants into the case.

Craig Hospital raises $73 million

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A hospital that specializes in spinal cord and brain injuries and diseases is overhauling its facility with help from a $63 million capital raise.

Unico buys in LoDo

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Two buyers busy in the Denver market have sealed a real estate deal that hands a LoDo office building and several other properties nearby over to a Seattle firm.

Comedian mixes punches and punchlines

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Stepping straight from the ring to the stage, a local comedian is launching a new series of boxing matches between Denver comics followed by stand-up routines.

Laser startup blasts through $4M raise

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An entrepreneur with an eye for laser technology is getting ready to roll out his newest product and has crossed the $10 million mark with investors.

400-apartment project breaks ground downtown

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Nearly 400 new apartments, plus more than 100,000 square feet of office space and extra retail space, are beginning to take shape on a downtown block.

CrossFit gym launching in Westminster

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With corporate classes already under his belt, a CrossFit instructor is gearing up to launch his own gym next month in Westminster.