RiNo half-acre reels in $2.5M


If a recent property transfer is any guide, land in RiNo has appreciated 30x in 20 years.

Fitness firms tangle over jump rope

r1 speed rope

Jump Rope Systems (JRS) in Louisville filed a complaint in Denver district court saying a local fitness equipment maker missed a payment and is now infringing on jump rope patents.

Chuze Fitness opens in Westminster; plans more local gyms

chuzeFitness owners2

Chuze Fitness, which opened its first local spot today in Westminster, has plans to bulk up with four more Denver outposts with a simple business model: a monthly membership covered by coins in the couch cushions.

For sale at the merch stand: Lumineers-branded coffee

phil goodlaxson

Corvus Coffee founder Phil Goodlaxson said that the Lumineers vocalist sings high praises for Corvus Every Man blend. And now the Denver-based band is selling 12 oz packages with a special Lumineers label while on tour.