Pot shop getting much more room to grow

A Cherokee Street cannabis business is building out a space nearby that’s 10 times the size of its current facility with plans to add more locations over the next two years.

New brewery bets on gluten-free beer

A brewery sensitive to the dietary demands of gluten-free drinkers will launch next week in Lakewood, hoping to capitalize on the growing gluten-free industry.

Airbnb: a lucrative gig – if you don’t get caught

A City Park studio listed on Airbnb nets $1,000 per month in profit. But for some of the website’s users hoping to make a quick buck, renting out their extra space is a cat-and-mouse game with landlords looking to crack down on lease breakers.

Hotel chain books downtown location

A $7 million land purchase has reserved a Maryland hotel operator a spot downtown, right next to another dual-hotel project currently underway.

Organic food brand cooking up new grocery deal

A gluten-free and organic food brand best known for its veggie burgers is adding to its menu and hoping to land its breakfast option on more store shelves.

Deal blends local coffee brands

Two Denver coffee roasters have blended their companies, giving the buyer a retail boost and putting a 50-year-old coffee staple under new ownership.

More apartments piggyback on hospital project

With the massive CU Hospital project building more than 1,000 residential units, along with commercial space, another development team is scooping up land nearby to add 100 more apartments next door.

Video ad firm shifts focus to camera gadgets

An advertising company that normally has its energy aimed at shooting commercials is rolling out a new venture: a crowdfunded iPhone case to enhance filming and editing capabilities for amateur videographers.