Ski resort slides into Chapter 11

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A recently reopened ski area west of Evergreen has filed for bankruptcy to stave off a creditor’s push toward foreclosure.

Defense lawyers team up on new firm

Eytan Nielsen ftd

A pair of criminal defense attorneys who were co-workers at a larger Denver firm have set up their own practice with a focus on pre-charge defense and various types of crimes.

Law firm enlists former governor

Bill Owens ftd

Former Colorado Gov. Bill Owens has signed on with an international law firm to advise companies on large-scale projects that require government oversight, an extension of his work as governor in transportation and infrastructure.

IBM sues Golden over back taxes

Golden ftd

After the city of Golden demanded more than $5 million in back taxes and a penalty fee, the tech giant is taking the decade-long dispute to court.

Accountant accused of siphoning payroll taxes

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Several former clients are pushing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy of a Centennial accounting firm, while others weigh civil suits, over claims that the company’s founder was pocketing millions meant for the IRS.

Plumbers’ naming dispute plunges into court

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Claiming a former employee copied the company name when he started his own firm, a plumbing business has filed a lawsuit in Denver court hoping to keep the competition from draining its business.

Law firms in their own legal dispute over similar names

James Gilbert ftd

Two Denver-area lawyers with the last name Gilbert now have a lawsuit between them and their two firms, with one Gilbert claiming their similarly named companies have caused confusion among clients and in court.

Software firms at odds over soured sales deal

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In a recent lawsuit, one local software company accuses another of purposely failing to hold up its end of a sales agreement, copying its software and using it as a scapegoat for huge losses.